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Marc Edwards

➢ CrossFit Level 3 (Certified CrossFit Trainer)

➢ CrossFit Coach’s Prep Certified

➢ CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified

➢ CrossFit Gymnastics Certified

➢ Level 1 ASCA Accredited Strength and Conditioning

➢ AWF Club Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach Level 1 Certified

Marc has been a CrossFit Trainer for over 7 years. He is also an elite athlete himself and has competed at many CrossFit regional events and has a goal of one day competing at the CrossFit Games. 
Marc’s sporting background has included cricket, running, cycling and rock climbing. Marc has been the Australian Champion in Bouldering and has also travelled overseas, competing in many Climbing World Cups.

“As a CrossFit trainer, my emphasis is always on good form and getting the most out of each person. I believe that good technique sets the foundation for improvement and also reduces the chance of injury. I enjoy motivating my athletes to give 100% and it’s been so rewarding seeing them improve in all areas of their fitness including losing weight, achieving better times, and mastering new skills”.

“CrossFit has given me the training methodologies and confidence to take on the ‘Unknown’. I have General Physical Preparedness for any physical task, whether it be a half marathon or a World Cup Climbing event. That’s what I love about CrossFit, it prepares you for anything and it’s all about being good at every physical domain…I’ve met some great people through CrossFit and the community aspect of it is helping the sport to spread rapidly throughout the world. It’s exciting to see a sport grow so quickly and to be a part of this fitness phenomenon”.

Sam Edwards


Sam 6 months post baby!!

➢ CrossFit Level 1 Certified

➢ Pendlay Weightlifting Level 1 and Level 2

➢ Bachelor of Science (Psychology & Biology), University of Sydney

Sam has been coaching and training CrossFit for over 7 years. She has competed at many regional CrossFit events and also international events such as the CrossFit Games Open and RxIt Nations Series.

Sam has always been very active and participated in many sports as a child including BMX racing, cross-country running and horse-riding.
 Sam was a professional rock climber and has been climbing for over 15 years. She has been the Australian Women’s Champion for 9 years in a row and has also placed 5th twice in the Bouldering World Cups, the highest achievement for any Australian climber, male or female so far!!

“CrossFit has changed my life. I used to think I was fit because I climbed 5 times per week and went running twice a week…but then I was introduced to CrossFit and discovered I wasn’t really fit at all!…CrossFit for me is a lifestyle choice. I want to live a long, healthy life. I want to remain functional and active into my old age. I want to eat the right foods and have increased energy and work capacity for other sports”.

“What I love about CrossFit is that it is fun and training should be. The workouts are always changing so you never get bored of the same routine, and every workout is challenging in different ways. You have to put in the hard work but the results are worth it. And working out in a motivating environment, with a great group of people makes the whole process easier…CrossFit has helped with my climbing, my training is more disciplined and I feel the strongest i’ve ever been”.

“After having two children, I know what it’s like to get started again but training in a group environment has really helped me stay motivated. CrossFit is also perfect for busy mums that have limited time – most of the workouts are only 10-15 minutes long and the training is so effective that you get fantastic results in just a short amount of time. CrossFit has also made me stronger (both mentally and physically) and given me more energy to cope with all the demands of being a mother!”.

Christina Livaditakis

➢ CrossFit Level 1 Certified

➢ ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Natalie Grant

➢ CrossFit Level 1 Certified

➢ CrossFit Kids Certified

➢ CrossFit Gymnastics Certified

➢ Certificate IV Fitness (Master Trainer)

“I have been in love with CrossFit since 2012. I originally got into CrossFit after being inspired by my brother and wanting something to keep me fit, challenged and motivated.
The thing I love most about CrossFit is the community aspect. It has brought me many awesome life long friends (including my husband!). I also love that the benefits of CrossFit are so varied, whether it’s functionality, health, social or even simply bringing happiness.
Coaching CrossFit is a dream job! I get to share my passion for fitness with others and see people achieve things they never thought possible”.



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