Strength, fitness and friendships – by Rhonda D.

“At every session at Mid Mountains CrossFit I have built strength, fitness and friendships.

You may not have to imagine feeling over weight, and unfit. But imagine turning up to a gym full of enthusiastic smiling faces. Friends to motivate and encourage you to achieve the fitness level you are aiming for. The workout is always challenging and always achievable. Trainers Marc and Sam know you by name, know your strengths and weaknesses and are by your side every session to teach technique, motivate and encourage you to achieve your fitness goals. I have achieved amazing results in strength, fitness and weight loss (13kg) in 4 months and it’s been FUN! This is due not only to my own dedication but also the encouragement and friendship of Marc and Sam. They are an awesome team!”

Rhonda front

Never felt fitter and stronger – by Ainsley S.

“After 5 years in and out of gyms I thought I was pretty fit. Then came crossfit! The first difference I found was that people there want to talk to you, strangers I had never met coming up and introducing themselves. As we all do the same workout it is such an encouraging  and supportive atmosphere it makes you work harder!! In all my sport life and gym activities I have never felt fitter and stronger, love it!”

No need for knee surgery – by Dave C.

[After being told he needed knee surgery prior to starting CrossFit] “Surgeon was impressed with my range of movement, I am off the list!!! Thanks for your help to get here, still got a mile to go but enjoying the journey with CrossFit soooo much!!”

Sad to leave – by Maree O.

“Thank you for providing such an awesome experience at Mid Mountains CrossFit. You guys total blew me away and far exceeded any expectations that I had about the training I would receive. I leave sad :( but happy :) that I’ve started my addiction to CrossFit. I was really happy with all the trainers, the Mountain folk are VERY lucky to have you all there”.

Discovering CrossFit – by Jess C.

“My Crossfit journey started around 12 months ago now. Walking into the box for the first time I thought to myself “I got this” I would say I was reasonably fit — a gym junkie plus a state premier league soccer player as well. I was quite anxious though because  anyone knows if you google crossfit to say the least the people you see on the computer screen are absolute beasts!! Just a tiny bit intimidating….

Meeting my coach he proceeded to show us around the gym which I was quite surprised ” where is all the equipment?” I began to tell him how I went to fitness first and did this class and that class and said I have experience with lifting weights as my favourite class was Pump class. He laughed at me, I now understand why. 

After that first foundations alone I was hooked! Crossfit became my second home and my fitness family. I loved everything about it and each day strived to improve. That’s what I love about crossfit… you always have a weakness to work on, a PR to beat a time to push. You can’t rely on being satisfied or you become comfortable and won’t see improvements. 

The first skill I wanted to master was the kipping pull up and getting off those bands was a massive goal of mine. Within the first month I lost more skin on my hands than I had off my knees from playing soccer for 10 years. But I just see those wounds as hard work and dedication. 

I had always been involved in team sports most of my life and sometimes felt some team mates wouldn’t have the same passion, drive and will to win as I did. That never say die mentality, heart & passion cannot be taught…. You either have it or you don’t. Crossfit is reliant on you, yourself alone to practice, push, persist and prepare yourself every step of the way. 

It pushes you to conquer the never ending battles with your body and more importantly your mind. It threw me into some very confronting situations with battling the demons of pain and throwing in the towel mid WOD. I can honestly say that my mental strength is a lot more resilient these days. I struggled with body image and people’s perceptions of myself. I would do everything in my power to create a somewhat strong, confident and exuberant exterior to hide the negative, doubtful unhappy interior.

CrossFit has taught me to embrace the meaning of a healthy body & mind. To once again enjoy and love to keep myself fit and not to punish myself or deprive my body just to fit into the  called “perfect” mold. It has made me realise what I am capable of achieving and to never hold back. It has helped me like “me” again I love that I have now found a place where every session is something new. Where the people that train beside me will push me just as hard as I push them. I now have the courage to try new things and am not ashamed to be called the athletic girl or to have muscles. 

I now have a new commitment, dedication and passion for a healthier life and a drive and hunger to be that little bit better than what I was yesterday”.

The following testimonials are for Marc and Sam at their previous affiliate, CrossFit Parramatta…

9 months vs 10 years! – by Chris R.

“I am 27 and have played soccer for over 20 years and had gone to the ‘gym’ for 10 years. I thought I was ‘fit’… If only I knew how far from the truth that was.
I took the (small) leap and came along to Crossfit Parramatta on a Monday night with my partner 9 months ago. The very next day we signed up. As soon as we set foot in the box we knew that this was different, this was REAL fitness. No machines, no partial range garbage and no ego – this was the real deal.
Under the truly expert tutelage of Marc, Sam, Han and Pete my fitness, health and body has changed forever. They have made me fitter, stronger and healthier in 9 months than in 10 years of a conventional gym. They have shown me how to approach food and nutrition correctly. And most importantly they have ensured my success by taking the time to deliver correct technique to the many moves that encompass a Crossfit WOD. As such if you are reading this like I did when I was researching 9 months ago – just come along for one session. It will CHANGE you!”

Lovin’ life @ CrossFit Parramatta – by Theresa H.

“CrossFit Parramatta is more than just any other gym or box; we’re a family of athletes sharing a common goal and a community supporting each other to achieving our Personal Records.

It has been a year since I’ve started at CrossFit Parramatta and as I look back, I could see how far I’ve gone. I started out like many other athletes- thinking I was “fit” but only half-way through the run did it hit me, this was just the warm-up!

Before CrossFit Parramatta I had never lifted weights… and like most girls didn’t even know what a barbell was. However, within 2 months of dedication and perseverance, I saw myself pulling my first pull-up! I could now clean and jerk 55kg which is more than my body weight! And my current 1 rep max for dead-lifting is a whooping 85kg!!- What can I say, the sky is my limit! And guess what?! I could honestly say that I’ve got muscles!

My family of 4 siblings and I, have made it through the roller doors of CrossFit Parramatta and never turned back. We are so grateful that CrossFit Parramatta has changed our lives forever. Every evening my family is gathered at the dinner table filled with laughter as we share our new skills, our new PR’s and our new goals. What’s changed the most is what we now place on our plates, it has transformed from rice to steamed vegetables, from braised pork belly to lean steak. As a family we are constantly encouraging each other to achieving healthier lifestyles. We feel healthy, fit and strong; all thanks to CrossFit Parramatta!

The coaches Sam and Marc are highly professional and they ensure that prior to each WOD we warm up and go through the workout movements. The coaches clearly demonstrate what counts as a rep as opposed to a ‘no rep’ and finally after we’ve battled through the workout and manage to pull ourselves up from the ground we all warm down together. This is important to me because I know it will allow me to hit the extra range in my workouts and assist me in preventing injuries.

Marc and Sam have extensive knowledge of CrossFit movements and their teaching methods are easy to follow. When they guide us through the barbell movements they pay particular attention to the Burgener Warm-up, ensuring that we hit all the basic movements before moving on.

Marc has a keen eye on detail which allows him to quickly pick up on what our movement is lacking. He ensures that we are able to hit each of the points in the movements and that the correct technique is applied before we punch out on the heavier weights.

Sam is an astounding coach; she encourages us through the workouts and pushes us to beyond our limits. She is admirable and an inspiration for us ladies to aspire to. Sam supports me in my goals whether it is my kipping toes to bars or my curiosity in trying out the zone diet. Her assistance is always there.

Unique to CrossFit Parramatta are the people. Marc and Sam have created a fun and welcoming atmosphere here at the Box. There’s a great sense of team moral. I love the way my friends all support me and cheer me on to the very end of the workout. I admire my friends as I watch them grow stronger. There’s a great sense of amazement and inspiration seeing them get their first pull-up or reaching a new PR after working months on end building the strength and technique. I’m truly addicted to CrossFit Parramatta and the friends here make it even more difficult to go home after every WOD. I will forever cherish the friendships I’ve made at CrossFit Parramatta because we’re such an awesome crew!

I would definitely recommend CrossFit Parramatta for everyone. Just give it a go and give it your best, because at the end of every WOD you know you’re a winner!”

You’ll look forward to every WOD – by Shaun H.

“The thing I most like about CFP is that I look forward to going there for every WOD, no matter how challenging, frustrating or difficult it is.

What stands out about CFP in particular is the expertise of Marc and Sam, and the way they are able to appropriately scale movements to match the skill and development level of each participant in exactly the right way.

When I first started, it felt safe, structured and supportive whilst I was learning the essential movements. Now, as I have started to progress, the focus is on building on what I have got, and setting new goals. I walk out after every workout -rx or not-, feeling like I have achieved something (even if I come last!).

I haven’t experienced any other CrossFit boxes, but frankly, I don’t want to. I couldn’t imagine a better place to be”.

CFP is for you – by Cathy H.

“I have been into health and fitness for a while, having a dedicated lifestyle of eating right and visiting the gym around 4-5 times a week. I thought I was fit, but knew I needed to work on my strength among other things. After trying another gym, I didn’t think crossfit was for me. That’s until I visited CFP. Now, I’m truly addicted.

If you want your life to change, then CFP is for you, trust me, you can come in with no experience to several years of experience, and CFP will work side by side helping you get stronger and healthier. All fitness levels, all ages, all friends. Sam & Marc motivate you and push you to always try your best and go beyond your limits in a fun and safe environment with each WOD designed to kick your butt physically and mentally. Marc & Sam are experienced trainers and are very knowledgeable in all that is “crossfit”.
I love this gym because the workouts are always different, and I feel like I completely push myself to the limit every day. The sense of community is awesome within this box and all the members are truly nice people and encourage/motivate each other. My favourite part of Crossfit CFP is the atmosphere that Sam & Marc promote. It’s a breath of fresh air knowing you’re going to get one of the toughest workouts of your life while being surrounded with some of the coolest people you will ever meet. Everybody keeps their egos in check and cheer each other on during the workouts. Everyone understands we all share a common goal: to have fun, learn, be fit, and push ourselves to do our best”.

Only have to go once and you’re hooked! – by Andrew M.

“After trying a few of the gyms in western Sydney I came across CFP, they are by far the most friendly and knowledgable gym I’ve come across. Being new to the sport of Crossfit I often felt intimidated and ignored at most other gyms, it couldn’t be more different at CFP Marc and Sam are amazing coaches who go out of there way to ensure everyone trains with correct technique and gets to most out of every WOD. Its been 6 months since that first class and because of CFP my outlook on fitness, nutrition and my confidence in general have completely changed for the better. You really only have to try it for yourself!”

CrossFit Parramatta – Walk in, crawl out (with a smile) – by Sue R.

“I joined CFP as a New Years Resolution in 2012, having only ever trained with a PT ..and still do…(also an experienced CrossFitter). I’d been paddling around the edge of CrossFit based on his teaching but wasn’t sure if I would fit in to ‘the real thing’…I never played sport as a kid, have led a very sedentary corporate and home life and I’m not into being yelled and screamed at like I’ve seen some training facillities do. But,having got fitter and more confident with my PT, I took the plunge with a few Saturday classes – and haven’t looked back, now attending 3 sessions a week. Sam and Marc are both professionals in their field and ultimately their approach. They listen, they give considered feedback and most importantly coach you in the correct techniques. There’s no ego or elitism amongst the members, it really is a team and everyone has got your back here. There are no princesses or posers, just a good bunch of people doing what you want to do – enjoy their sport, get fit and have fun doing it”.

CFP – by Kim H.

“Having started CrossFit last year in November I have found that it has not only improved my fitness but has given me a lifestyle change. Before going to CrossFit, I was unfit, overweight and had not pushed myself to the limits that CrossFit has. Before CrossFit, I had not touched any weights nor had I even dreamed of doing a pull-up! With exceptional and dedicated guidance from Sam and Marc, I have learned so many different techniques, found a love for weightlifting, learned to do kipping pull-ups and have never been fitter. Every day that I attend is another day I can improve!

Sam and Marc have a created a great gym with a great atmosphere. The team at CrossFit Parramatta have made our box my second home! Often staying back after class to find our one rep maxes and to do accessory work has become a habit for many of us! With the help and support of our coaches and senior members of the team, I can’t think of going anywhere else!”

Friendships in the box – by Scott P.

“Crossfit offers a great fitness program as we all know but it offers much more in it’s sense of community and this is very obvious when you become a member of CFP. In saying that I have also been to a number of other Crossfit boxes whilst in my travels and the level of structure, tuition and friendship at CFP is far beyond what I have witnessed elsewhere. This is a credit to Marc and Sam.

We have forged friendships in the box out of sweat and blood. No where else can you say this happens. I was going to the normal gym for years prior to Crossfit and I couldn’t tell you the name of anyone there I ever trained with”.

CFP, the place to be – by Cuong L.

“I’ve been to many gyms around Sydney and CFP would be the best of them all. Marc and Sam teaching is top notch. It’s not about RX’ing the workout its about doing it with good form and technique. The atmosphere is warming, everyone makes you feel welcome no matter what level of crossfit you are”.

CFP Rx – by Liz M.

“CFP is the best in the west! Sam and Marc are exceptional coaches with an elite athlete background. The atmosphere is fun but highly professional, the people are fantastic and very dedicated and I love that everything is underscored by technique. I have lost 6 kg in 4 months here and taken my fitness to the next level!”

CrossFit Parramatta has been good – by Matt S.

“CrossFit Parramatta has been good to me, Excellent coaching that teaches good form and good habits, and they push you that extra bit harder, Excellent equipment that they upgrade regulary as in good bumper plates and bars, gym layout is good, the people that train there are AWESOME!! real good team pushing each other to do better with encouragement!!”

CFP = Fantastic – by Lisa H.

“Great coaches & awesome environment in which to train!! Sam & Marc are so supportive & encouraging. Their skills are fantastic. The facilities are excellent and the equipment is great. They are always investing in new gear to make the WOD’s better”.

CFP is #1 – by George K.

“Training at CFP is one place that I always come back to regardless of what happens

Here are some of the reasons why I like CFP:

* Great people to train with

* Great equipment

* Great trainers

* Always giving you tips and tricks on how to improve yourself”



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