30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

√  Improve your health & fitness in 30 days

√  Lose weight and tone up

√  Get results

√  & feel GOOD!


COST? $199


➢ Meal plans for the 30 days with shopping lists and recipes

➢ Unlimited access to our group classes

➢ “Before” and “After” photos

➢ Body Composition and Cellular Health Analysis


All participants will be given a nutrition guide with nutritional advice and personalised meal plans to follow throughout the 30 days.

Your entry fee includes unlimited access to our group classes for 30 days.

You must be 100% committed and eat how we tell you as well as attend 5 classes per week!! (recommended)

Your entry fee will include a Body Composition Analysis at the beginning and at the end of the 30 Day Challenge. This is carried out using a VLA bio-impedance machine which measures:

  • Body Composition (fat/muscle ratio)
  • Fat Mass Muscle Quantity/Quality
  • Biological age
  • Your water and hydration levels
  • Cellular toxicity
  • Cellular fluid levels
  • Cellular Vitality/Energy


You can still enter! We have said this as a guide because obviously if you are coming 5 times per week, you will maximise your results. However, if you can only make it say two or three times per week, it’s better than nothing and you’ll still get some great results!!


Watch this space for our next challenge! 


Anthony Mahr

In 30 days, Anthony lost 11.1kg, took 8cm off around his waist and decreased his biological age by 3 years!! Anthony was only able to come to two sessions per week during the challenge but gave 100% in every workout. He also did the Lawson parkrun every Saturday and achieved some new PB’s. Anthony has made some very positive changes to the way he eats and has adopted some healthy eating habits that he will continue with. Well done Anthony, a fantastic result all round!!

Janika Dienlin

In 30 days, Janika lost 6.1kg which included 4.5kg of body fat! She also lost an incredible 13cm off her waist and decreased her biological age by 3 years!! Janika went from having done no CrossFit at all to coming to 31 classes over the 30 days, including CrossFit, Olympic Lifting and Conditioning classes! That’s real commitment! She even took 2 min off her WOD time which we tested before and after the challenge! Janika’s positive attitude and charisma in the gym made every session a fun one, and she was also very supportive to our other members. It’s been great having you train with us!


Tim Smith

In 30 days, Tim lost 8kg which included 4.34kg of body fat! He also took 10cm off around his waist and decreased his biological age by 4 years!! Tim showed huge commitment and came 25 times during the 30 days! Tim has made some very positive changes to the way he eats and has adopted some healthy eating habits that he will continue with. Well done Tim, a fantastic result all round!!

Vanessa Smith

In 30 days, Vanessa lost 6.6kg which included 5.69kg of body fat! She also lost an incredible 13cm off her waist and decreased her biological age by 3 years!! Vanessa also came 25 times over the 30 days, that’s real commitment and a lot of workouts! Well done Vanessa!!!


Sergio Pacchini

Serg side

In 30 days, Serg lost 5.1kg, took 9cm off around his waist and decreased his biological age by 5 years!! Serg showed huge commitment and came 22 times during the 30 days! He also gave 100% in every workout and notable was his amazing effort in the Hero WOD “Hammer”. Serg has made some very positive changes to the way he eats and has adopted some healthy eating habits that he will continue with. Well done Serg, a fantastic result all round!!

Monica Jones

Monica front

In 30 days, Monica lost 9.1kg which included 8.6kg of body fat! She also gained some muscle, lost an incredible 11cm off her waist and decreased her biological age by 4 years!! Monica went from having done no CrossFit at all to coming 23 times over the 30 days! That’s real commitment! She even suffered a back injury earlier on but still came in and we modified the program so that she could keep training! Monica’s positive attitude and charisma in the gym made every session a fun one, it’s been great having you around!


Matthew Payne

Matthew side

In 30 days, Matthew lost 12.7kg which was 12.4% of his body weight. He also lost an amazing 14.5cm off his waist!! Matthew showed incredible commitment, having never done CrossFit before or any exercise for a while, and showed up at least 5 times per week for the whole of the challenge! He also had some massive strength gains and pushed himself beyond his limits during every workout. If you have a look at his before and after photo, the results speak for themselves!!

Cecilia Jacques

Ce side

In 30 days, Cecilia lost 5.3kg which was 7.1% of her body weight. She also lost 8cm off her waist! At age 65, Cecilia has impressed everyone at our box. She is one of our strongest female members, deadlifting 90kg (3 reps) and inspiring a lot of the other women to push themselves that little bit more. Cecilia went from not being able to do any double unders, to doing 60 of them in the first workout of the CrossFit Games Open!! She has also battled with past injuries and lack of sleep from working night shifts, but still managed to turn up consistently and give the workouts her best. Well done Cecilia, we can only hope to be as strong and determined as you by the time we reach your age!! 


David C.

I feel compelled to write a BIG THANK YOU to Marc, Sam, Brett and Andrew for an amazing month of WOD’s and for keeping the drive in me burning. I have kicked so many personal goals since joining crossfit, and achieved some wonderful highs along the way. As a bonus I have kept the scalpel away from my knee. I want to send a big thanks to the community i have joined within the box for helping to push me, as i have enjoyed willing them through their own barriers. To crossfit is to commit, it is to learn your limitations and drive through them, it is to redefine your self, it is to bond with like minded peeps over the short time you are running at 100%. much kudos to all my fellow 30 day challengers, great to see you kick your goals.

Rebekah S.

The CF 30 day challenge was the kick start I needed. From never having participated in crossfit ever b4 to actually getting up at 5am 4 mornings a week to challenge nobody but myself was the change I needed. I walked in dreading each WOD then walked out with a smile each time with new friends in toe. Although my results are not reflected on the scales so much. My cm loss and sense of achievement by far outway the scales. Thankyou to all the team at Mid Mountains Crossfit for not only helping & encouraging me but getting me out of my comfort zone and mixing it up. Bring on the next 30 days! See you soon.x

Matthew P.

This last month has been a huge surprise for me. Joining the CrossFit Challenge has changed both my body and my assumptions. The centre is so welcoming with no egos which is remarkable given the different levels of ability. Having never done CrossFit or free weight lifting I was amazed that from the trainers instruction I managed to lift them, even RX-ing twice which I never though possible at the start of the month. I was hoping the improvements to my body would be noticeable but I didn’t expect it to be so good. A HUGE thanks to the trainers for their motivation and support – you are fantastic!

Andrea R.

Doing the 30 Day Challenge was exactly what I needed! I already knew I enjoyed CrossFit, but the challenge gave me the opportunity to change important habits, like learning that I can get up early and enjoy a 6am class (a big deal for me!), and more importantly, changing my diet for the better. I have been able to stick to the diet, and I am not at all interested in going back now that the challenge is over. I feel soooo much better – slimmer, stronger and more energetic. It’s something I know I’ll keep going with and it’s thanks to Marc and Sam and everyone else at Mid Mountains CrossFit, so thank you!!!

Melanie D.

To all the trainers…WOW how can I put into words to say Thank you enough for all that you have done for me during the 30 day challenge (and will continue to do so as I come back time and time again). The support you have shown me in whatever way was needed has been sensational. To know that as I turn up for each session I am going to be given the guidance to ensure I am using the correct techniques and appropriate weight for me is so reassuring. I was so surprised at the overwhelming support from the “regulars” and everyone else doing the challenge. That helped me to feel welcomed into the community of CrossFit. You have created such a comfortable environment which makes such a difference when trying something for the first time. Physically I feel fantastic – to try on my old jeans and be screaming with joy as they fit me was a massive achievement! But most of all I feel amazing within myself as my confidence starts to come back. Thank you so much for all the effort and support to the trainers and to the CrossFit team that have helped me along the way – couldn’t have done it without you :)

Kirsty S.

I was inspired to join the 30 day challenge after seeing the results from the last challenge. (So many AMAZING individuals that I look up to!) The trainers have developed a ‘doable’ program which suits everyone from so many different walks of life. The eating plan, variety of exercises and performance based goals have been my favourite part and my mini personal achievements have given me so much confidence. Finally the support, encouragement of the trainers and the comradery of members is second to none at this gym. Mid Mountains CrossFit, I’m hooked! Thank you Marc, Sam, Brett, and Andrew.

Jannah T.

I started CrossFit 2 months ago. Before the 30 Day Challenge I was really enjoying the wods, trainers and new friends I have been making but my eating was far from where it should have been. After doing the 30 Day Challenge I have given up so many bad eating habits! I feel 100% happier with my wods & weight loss & over all energy! I would recommend Mid Mountains CrossFit’s 30 Day Challenge to everyone. I’m addicted & it was just the challenge I needed to get me started, thanks team! Good luck everyone.

Kathleen C.

I must say thank you for showing me that things are possible. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, but not just that, there is a comradery amongst everyone that participates. I was made to feel welcome from the beginning. I even tried the dreaded Airodyne and was supported through my 2 minutes of hell. Thanks Sam, Marc, and Brett.

Michelle C.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you! We thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and the gym is great. Very welcoming and kid friendly which is awesome. Unfortunately for us between work, study and sickness we didn’t make it there as often as we would have liked. At least I know what crossfit is all about now and it’s definitely a great way to train! Thank you xx


Jodie McCracken

Jodie side

In 30 days, Jodie lost 7.1kg which was 7.6% of her body weight. Jodie was also quite sick for about 2 weeks of the challenge but she still managed to turn up and do the hard work. Well done Jodie, the results were worth it and you look incredible!

Jamie Mallett

Jamie side

In 30 days, Jamie lost 8.3kg which was 9% of his body weight. He also lost 12.5cm off his waist!! Jamie also had some massive strength gains during the challenge and PR’d on his back squat and power clean!!


Kerrie B.

I am surprised good habits have formed after just 30 days. My priorities have changed and I will now get out of bed for the 6 o’clock to give my body the exercise it needs and my once staple of pasta is gone! I really didn’t think that with three young children such changes could be possible. I am now much happier and stronger! Most importantly for me was to be in a supportive environment where I felt safe from injury. Mid Mountains CrossFit philosophy is to develop correct technique before the WOD or lifting heavy. I can challenge my body knowing that there is always someone watching to ensure I am lifting correctly.

Clair S.

For me the 30 day challenge came at the end of my weight loss journey, I was at my goal weight but was not fit or strong at all. The challenge has by far exceeded any expectations I had. In week three I did my first pull up and was lifting heavier weights then I ever have. I loved the challenge and can’t wait to see what’s next!!

Skye W.

Mid Mountains trainers Marc Sam & Brett Suttor have not only helped me get my confidence back, taken all my anxieties away with their welcoming & encouraging training environment, knowing i can turn up everyday in which i travel a great distance, having their kindness & professional training is encouraging & motivating to keep on keeping on, baby steps, little by little, one day at a time.

Mid Mountains CrossFit is an asset to the Blue Mountains & wider communities, highly recommended to all for general fitness, strength improving, confidence gaining & building awesome friendships along the way.

Luke S.

Before I started at Mid Mountains CrossFit my motivation to train was at an all time low, I saw the 30 day challenge at Mid Mountains CrossFit & decided to give it a go … during the 30 days Marc, Sam & Brett Suttor have motivated me and pushed me to new levels in my training & helped me with technique. Marc, Sam and Brett are also serious crossfitters who lead the way in the box for everyone to follow & set a fantastic example for everyone to follow & their knowledge is of a high standard.

The box has everything you need to train & while I’ve been there in my short time have added more equipment.

My results have been awesome! I lost over 7kg & lost just over 6cm around my waist & I achieved my goal weight in the 30 day challenge, I’m now hooked on crossfit & will be joining as a full member & looking for new goals . Great place, great trainers, friendly crossfitters to train with as well & an awesome WOD’s.. Thanks Marc, Sam & Brett.

Simone N.

Sam and Marc have created a brilliant fitness community with Mid Mountains CrossFit. They’re astute business owners as well as committed cross-fitters so they not only inspire and get the best out of you, they’ve thought of everything from the gym itself to the kids room that has my children pestering me to go to training! I thoroughly enjoy coming to training, am extremely pleased with my progress and with such great facilities and trainers it’s easy for crossfit to become rather addictive. Thanks guys :)

Jodie M.

Not gonna lie, I started the 30 day challenge with the $500 prize as my motivation, but now it’ll just be a bonus. What I have gained over the past month is far more valuable, I’m stronger, faster, healthier & happier! Marc & Sam are professional & passionate in their approach to training & getting you to your goals!! Its been hard work but I’ve had a lot of fun & the results from all participants are speaking for themselves! Thanks guys :)

Karen L.

I almost didn’t do the 30 day challenge, I was really unfit and I was SCARED. So glad I completed the 30 days and intend continuing.

Alison B.

Thanks to Marc and Sam for providing a great place to train, with a great friendly and encouraging atmosphere – the training is always tough but always rewarding when it’s over. I have loved my 30 day Challenge and am now addicted, the changes in my body shape and strength have encouraged me to keep going and work towards my new goals.

Matthew K.

I started the Crossfit challenge three weeks ago. It has been hard going and I thought it was doing me some good. Today I have had to radically change my thoughts on how much good it is doing me. Before I started the challenge I rode regularly, mountain biking with friends and taking the dog for a run. Many years ago in my youth I once rode what for me was a very challenging hill. I rode it only once without stopping. This was when I rode three times a week and weighed about 15kg less. I tried the same hill 4 weeks ago and got spat off only about 250m into it. I then had to walk the rest and needed to stop on the steeper sections.

This morning I was feeling fresh so decided to have another go. To my surprise I got to within 30m of where it stops getting hard. My back wheel slipped! I got back on and rode to the top. My breathing was fine my legs were feeling great. I NEVER EXPECTED Crossfit to help my cycling. Compared to three weeks ago I am a different rider. Bees Nest Hill will be mine next time (assuming I haven’t done squats and burpees that day). I don’t care about what scales are telling me. I know I am fitter and stronger than I’ve been for a long time. Can’t wait to get my shoulder better so I can start back into rock climbing.

Another road ride this afternoon. Can’t believe how good I feel. Would have kept going if I could. I feel like I’m 25 again.

Thanks Marc and Sam. Appreciate it.



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